Już można u mnie zamawiać poniższe CD,LP czy DVD lub BR.:)

Across The Atlantic Works Of Progress CD
Attic Sanctimonious CD DIGIPAK
Black Fate Commander Of Fate CD
Blood Of Seklusion Servants Of Chaos CD
Dalek Endangered Philosophies CD
Dalek Endangered Philosophies   2LP
DeRais Of Angel’s Seed And Devil’s Harvest CD DIGIPAK
Destruction Sentence Of Death US Cover   LP
Destructor Decibel Casualties   LP
Drysill Welcome To The Show   LP
Dwight Yoakham Live From Austin, TX   LP
Ela Second Reality CD
Entrench Through The Walls Of Flesh CD
Epica The Holographic Principal + The Solace System 3CD
Epica The Solace System (EP)   LP
Epica The Solace System (EP) CD DIGIPAK
FB1964 Stortebeker CD
Fireforce Annihilate The Evil CD
For The Win Heavy Thoughts CD
Heresiarch Death Ordinance CD
Holocaust Inside The Power Cage   2LP
Inglorious Inglorious II   LP
Inheaven Inheaven CD
Inheaven Inheaven  LP
Kill Procedure Brink Of Destruction CD
King Gizzard And The Lizard Wizard Flying Microtonal Banana CD DIGIPAK
Kitty In A Casket Rise   LP
Lifeless The Occult Mastery   LP
Manilla Road The Deluge   LP
Manilla Road Mystification  LP
Mary Epworth Elytral CD DIGIPAK
Mogwai Every Country’s Sun BOX   4CD
Mogwai Every Country’s Sun CD
Mogwai Every Country’s Sun   2LP
Monster Magnet Spine Of God CD
Monster Magnet 25 Tab CD
Motograter Desolation CD DIGIPAK
Mystic Prophecy Never Ending Limited CD DIGIPAK
Neckdeep The Peace And The Panic CD DIGIPAK
Nick Cave and Warren Ellis War Machine CD DIGIPAK
Paradise Lost Medusa Limited Edition CD DIGIBOOK
Paradise Lost Medusa  LP
Paradise Lost Medusa CD
Rage Reign Of Fear CD
Rage Execution Guaranteed CD
Scanner The Galactos Tapes Best Of 2CD DIGIPAK
Septic Flesh Codex Omega   2LP
Septic Flesh Codex Omega CD DIGIPAK
Septic Flesh Codex Omega Limited Edition 2CD DIGIPAK
Serious Black Magic  BOX
Starsailor All This Life CD
Tender Modern Addiction   LP
Tender Modern Addiction CD DIGIPAK
The End A.D. Scorched Earth CD
Trout, Walter We’re All In This Together   2LP
Trout, Walter We’re All In This Together CD
Tytan Rough Justice CD
V/A Pacha Best Of 20 Years 3CD
White Moth Black Butterfly Atone CD DIGIPAK